Weekend wonder, Valentine’s edition! {Erin Phillips Photography, Slidell LA photographer}

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been planning my son’s class valentines since September-ish! LOL I saw the idea and knew we had to do it.

I picked up some bundles of after summer clearance shovels for half off at Target. They were .50 for a set of 3. With 18 kids in his class I only had to buy 5 sets, so it was only $2.50 for all the shovels. 🙂 Then I stored them away until last night after we got back with our candy goodness.

We filled up the shovels with candy & bubbles, and wrapped them in bags & tied them.

I had taken Caleb out for pictures the other day when we were location scouting, and put a few of the cute ones on a template from Gradybug Designs and had them printed as wallets from my pro lab. 🙂

It says “I DIG YOU”, get it? Shovel.. dig… hahaha sooooo cute.

He even wrote his friends names on the back of the wallets because certain friends got certain colors! {Jenny, Gage got orange! That means he is super special 🙂 }

And voila! 18 valentines ready for his friends. (and one for him just so he won’t be the only one without a shovel 😉 )

There’s only one problem….. the leftover candy is messing with my diet!!

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