new life.. my first birth session! {Erin Phillips Photography, Slidell LA birth photographer}

April 2, 2013..

My sister in law was induced and we were all super sure we’d be holding Mr. Sawyer by the end of the day… but ya know, he wanted to show his stubborn side. 😉

By the end of the day, everyone was worn out, and Julie was beyond frustrated. They took her off the inducing meds and let her sleep.

Early the next morning… with her mama & hubby by her side, they started again.

Luckily this go round it worked, she was progressing and we were about to have a baby!!

This is the happy epidural face Julie had 🙂 hehe

On April 3, 2013 at 4:19 p.m. Mr. Sawyer was born. It was the first birth I’ve ever experience besides the three where I’ve been the one pushing. 🙂 It was awesome (and less painful might I add) to be on the other side. Truly a miracle from God to watch a baby be born into the world!

Sweet first looks. <3

A head full of dark hair, looking just like daddy! Precious.

And you know I had to jump in a few! 🙂 I’m a proud Aunt EE!

Loved by so many already.

Taking these totally made me wish I’d had my births photographed! Precious moments captured forever! Gives me chills!

Welcome to the world little Sawyer! We love you!

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