insta-photog friday–week 5 {Shadows} Erin Phillips Photography, Slidell, LA photographer

 Here we are, through another awesome week of entries for insta-photog friday!

The theme for this week was {SHADOWS}.

 My  {shadows} pic was taken this afternoon while trying to get my 18 month old to nap… yes, that’s the bottom of her door, and her little piggies. What a memory! 🙂

 I could almost feel the sunshine and cool air in this photo that lisaakiyaharianna took! I miss pushing my babies in strollers when they’re tiny!


This one by jessbecauseimages is TOO neat! Sunshine in her sons hands!

Loved the playfulness in this shot by mandiburgess! We can still play in the water here in Louisiana in October too! 🙂


This one by nikiflynn caught my eye because of the ruggedness of the chain and the tire and the little bitty shadow. Love it.


And another amazing image by darrenisreal! Woah, this is SO cool. The tree, the for sale sign..the empty lot, the sun casting a shadow. I love light!


Thanks y’all for playing! Man, I’m loving this every week. I always get excited when I get an instagram notification of a new entry for the week into the instaphotogfriday stream! Didn’t get to play this week? No worries! We’re at it again with a new theme!

This week’s theme is: ORANGE! {quite fitting for the week of halloween and fall parties, yes? And it so happens to be my Ayden’s favorite color 🙂 }

Anything orange, whether it’s candy, pumpkins, fall leaves, costumes, whatever!  Want to play but don’t know the rules? Rules Smhules! {uhh..yeah sure that works!}

{Here’s how insta-photog friday works: Insta-photog friday is for ANYONE on instagram who wants to just play along! Each friday I’ll  do the feature from the previous week and then give a theme for the type of photo to post (whether it be a rule in photography, a certain color to photograph, anything!) and all of you fellow instagrammers get the whole week to come up with a photo that relates! Make it creative & fun! Expand your knowledge of the way you look at things, but still just keep it simple! Then when you upload your instagram photo tag me @erinphillipsphotography and hashtag the photo like this:  #instaphotogfriday. All entries must be submitted by 9pm Thursday night of each week. I will pick the top 5 photos and feature them here on my blog! If you don’t want your photo reposted on my blog, please don’t enter.. this is all for fun!}

Make it yours. Stay creative!

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