insta-photog friday–week 4! {Erin Phillips Photography, Slidell LA photographer}

 This week’s insta-photog friday theme was LINES. The submissions were wonderful!

I took quite a few for the theme, but here was the fave. Caleb’s orange lights on his bed for his brother!


And here we go with the top 5 favorites!!

mrsjalepeno just knows I’m a sucker for sunsets! No but really, I love the setting, football game, the lights, the sky, and the tiny line!


Speaking of sunsets, nikiflynn captured a gorgeous one her way! I love all the orange in it.


ivorycross took a different direction, and it’s really cool! The lines from the blinds through the window. awesomesauce. 🙂


One of my favorite things to do is bike ride with the fam, so this capture by rebeccaleeevans caught my eye! So cool!


lynasiemens captured one of my favorite memories of my boys, watching them play on the floor with legos & such! Love the lines leading up to him. Super cute!


Did you miss last week’s insta-photog friday? Want to play too but don’t know the rules?
{Here’s how insta-photog friday works: Insta-photog friday is for ANYONE on instagram who wants to just play along! Each friday I’ll  do the feature from the previous week and then give a theme for the type of photo to post (whether it be a rule in photography, a certain color to photograph, anything!) and all of you fellow instagrammers get the whole week to come up with a photo that relates! Make it creative & fun! Expand your knowledge of the way you look at things, but still just keep it simple! Then when you upload your instagram photo tag me @erinphillipsphotography and hashtag the photo like this:  #instaphotogfriday. All entries must be submitted by 9pm Thursday night of each week. I will pick the top 5 photos and feature them here on my blog! If you don’t want your photo reposted on my blog, please don’t enter.. this is all for fun!}

So let’s play some MORE! This week’s theme is shadows. Whether it be your own shadow, the shadow of a tree, a ferris wheel, anything! Just think outside of the box. 🙂 Make it yours. Stay creative!

Were you featured? Be sure to share the post!! Thanks for playing y’all!

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