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Photography mentorship | 1ON1 REFRESH

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure to mentor over 20 photographers using my 1ON1 mentorship program! It’s been an amazing journey! With the birth of my 4th kiddo, and the business still booming, building a studio, etc, the {1ON1] mentorship program took a bit of a halt this year, BUT, I’m ready […]

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Mandeville Newborn Photographer | 1/2 off Limelife Planner!

For my 3rd week of giveaways, I wanted to give away something that I love and use EVERY day. If you’re anything like me, you nerd out when it comes to organizational supplies, colorful pens, and planners! I’ve used some nice planners in the last few years, but nothing comes close (for  photographers at least!) […]

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Mandeville Newborn Photographer | 4 years–let’s celebrate!

So it’s officially been FOUR years since Erin Phillips Photography became official! It’s been a long but rewarding journey! I posted this shot last week of my first newborn session in 2011, and one of my most recents, and I can see where I’ve grown but have much more room for growth! And that’s always […]

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Mandeville Newborn Photographer | {belly2baby} THE WORKSHOP

I’ve been dreaming it up for half a year now.. working on it for months.. getting vendors for it for weeks, and been meaning to announce it via the blog for about that long too. 😉 Life gets busy, yes?! If there’s one thing I’d like my photography business model to show is how much […]

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{1ON1} mentorship program– HALF off giveaway!

It’s time to start a round of mentorships for 2014! I was hoping to start in January, but it just didn’t happen! I’m realizing that this year I’m just not going to have as much time for it, but I definitely want to do it every 3-4 months or so! It will definitely be limited […]

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